Invasive Species Week 2019

The fifth UK Invasive Species Week was held in May.  Each day was themed around different habitats that are affected by invasive non-native species (INNS) and local action groups (of which BEACON is one).  Nationally there were more than 320 organisations involved in the week, with 93 events held .

ISW 2019 highlights


Mersey Rivers Trust held an event for families at Manchester  Museum where children could make ponds and add in creatures and plants that would naturally be found in a pond.  We also had some stickers where they could add in one of five freshwater invasive non-native plant species that seriously affect ponds, rivers and canals in the UK.  This was to get across the message of Be Plant Wise, where you must be aware of what you have in your garden or pond, and compost/dispose of any unwanted plant material carefully.  This is because across the region park rangers and countryside wardens have seen garden plants being planted out into the wild, and once out of the garden these plants quickly become invasive and uncontrollable.  

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There was also a check clean dry challenge, and lots of information about Be Plant Wise.  Over 270 people attended the BEACON invasives weekend and got #INNSvolved.  For more information please click here.

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