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Electrofishing Training

On 10th and 11th of September, three Mersey Rivers Trust members of staff and several volunteers attended an Institute of Fisheries Management electrofishing training course. Day 1 was the theory section of the course which was held at the Swettenham Arms in Cheshire. Day 2 involved a short exam and then we headed out to the River Bollin at the Carrs in Wilmslow to have a go for ourselves. Everyone got to try out different types of electric fishing equipment and had a fish identification session. We found dace, chub, perch, gudgeon, brown trout, minnow, stoneloach, stickleback and bullheads. Despite the wide variety of species overall numbers were lower than expected.

The course was great fun and will allow the Mersey Rivers Trust to undertake more surveying activities as part of future projects.

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