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Bye Borsdane Balsam!

On Friday 3rd August 2018 the Mersey Rivers Trust held a Balsam Bash at Rayner Park in Hindley, Wigan. The event was run as part of the Carbon Landscape project to help improve the riparian habitat along Borsdane Brook and Hey Brook. It will also help to improve water quality in both brooks by allowing deeper rooted vegetation to grow, providing stronger banks therefore reducing erosion and sediment input.

Volunteers from Friends of Rayner Park, Borsdane Friends group and local residents joined in pulling up invasive non-native Himalayan Balsam from along the banks of Borsdane Brook. This will allow native plants to thrive and provide better access to the brook.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help. We did a great job in a short space of time but there is plenty more bashing to be done in the park!

 Before and after

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